HANNA for La Journee

HANNA is a contemporary European-influenced clothing line created for women who appreciate modern, interesting designs and great fit, on still affordable budget.

The line was created in 1994. Hanna, the line’s main designer, who was a European fashion model, still gets her inspiration from the European runways of Paris and Milan, as well as Northern European influences. Hanna’s daughter and partner, Dominique, joined in 2004 and gave the line younger ideas to expend the look of the line and make it suitable for a wider age range. HANNA is now carried in over 700 stores. It is now recognized not only in all 51 states of the U.S., but overseas as well. It is carried in boutiques in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel and Canada.

HANNA prides themselves in their great quality and the fact that their creations are manufactured only in the U.S. HANNA also believes in being a part of their community and giving back as much as possible, including support of organizations such as Children’s Cancer Research Fund. HANNA strives to be a brand you can feel good about wearing.