IVKO Woman specialises in creating high class knitted garments combining exceptional craftsmanship with state of the art knitting technology. Their success story began in 1986 when Danica Komnenic opened a small knitting workshop in Sarajevo what was then former Yugoslavia. During the 1990s her production moves to Belgrade, Serbia where several years later, the once modest family business turns into a fully fledged fashion brand.
Today, Ivko Woman is a globally distributed knitting label with products stocked in major fashion stores across Europe and the US. Every item in the Ivko fashion line speaks a unique visual language based on form, texture and colour. In crafting a powerful and timeless image, their in-house design team treats each garment as a canvas to be explored. A curious, open minded spirit lends an eye for the exceptional and the unique. The dedication and love that goes into our every cardigan, jumper or coat casts a new light upon her every time she wears it. Ivko provides that extra glow, tucked away in the world of handwritten emotions.