Shelley Komarov is the founder and Creative Director of Komarov Enterprises, Inc. Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, Shelley immigrated with her husband Boris and small son Dimitri to the United States in 1977. Having had experience making costumes for the Kirov Ballet in Russia, she sought a career in costume design for film and television when she landed in Los Angeles in 1978 and worked in the industry for 25 years. Such was the impetus for creating KOMAROV, a beautiful line of women’s sportswear and dresses. Reflecting Shelley’s love of architecture and art, all of the garments are pleated using both modern methods and the age-old artistry of hand pleating. Each piece is hand made at their Los Angeles studio.

KOMAROV was established in 1997 with Shelley Komarov, Dimitri Komarov (Shelley’s Son) and Dmitry Liberman at the helm. Shelley has now bid the film business goodbye in order to dedicate all of her attention to the demands of her busy clothing company and the love of her life, her granddaughter, Ava. Komarov utilizes the finest natural and man-made fabric blends, most of which are from meticulously selected yarns and created specifically for Komarov before undergoing the line's special pleating process. Each piece is hand printed so no two are exactly the same. Each Komarov piece conforms or expands to fit the body so the fit is uniquely your own. Komarov has made pleating relevant to modern lifestyles with fabrications that provide unbeatable fit. Though strict quality control is imposed for manufacturing consistency, the process itself produces slight variations that make each garment almost one of a kind.