Magdalena is a family-owned and operated, clothing line made in California, USA.  Magdalena was founded by Magdalena Monge in 1996. Having four daughters (including herself) who were continuously in and out of each other’s closets, she saw a real need for clothing that was transitional for women of all ages and sizes.  Magdalena loved her teenage daughters’ clothing, but disliked the quality and fit.  She focused exclusively on creating her clothing line with a fresh style, without sacrificing comfortquality and fit.  Magdalena’s line would be transitional clothing that could be worn by young and mature women alike and of all body types.

By 2002, Magdalena started showing and selling her line to West Coast boutiques. With such a large demand for Magdalena’s clothing, her husband left his job as an engineer to help launch the company into using modern business practices.  Within a year, Magdalena was shipping her styles nationwide to hundreds of boutiques.