Velvet Edge Gift Certificates

There is something so special about receiving a gift certificate to a favorite store- something that gives the recipient permission to “treat themselves” to something extra special they might not consider buying on their own. Our certificates never expire, so they can be used to purchase that special something they’ve had their eye on, or save it for a new arrival that catches their attention. The very nature of clothing makes giving it as a gift extra challenging, fraught with quandaries about sizing or color choices. A gift certificate from Velvet Edge takes away the difficulty of decision making and the hassle of returns or exchanges by letting the recipient choose exactly what they want- from clothing to jewelry to accessories like leather bags and wallets, scarves, hats, gloves, and sunglasses. They can even use it toward one of Marjorie Taylor’s beautiful vegan taxidermy creations!

If you would like to redeem your gift certificate for an online order, please call us before placing the order and we can manually redeem it over the phone. It’s very easy and only takes a moment! Soon, we hope to have a function to redeem on our online checkout system.